National SAM Conference - Tuscon, AZ

National SAM Conference – Tuscon, AZ


Every school in North America has posters mounted on walls that communicate noble aspirations like:

  • Every Child, Every Day!
  • ALL means ALL
  • These aren’t MY kids, they’re OUR kids!
  • If THEY fail, then WE fail!
  • We do whatever it takes!
  • We believe in you! 

Every educator enters the profession believing they can change the world. The noble aspirations above are characteristic of a  ‘high levels of learning for ALL’ culture.

And yet I encounter school after school, district after district working hard and not getting desired results. Good dedicated educators…but the student learning results aren’t reflective of the energy and effort of the adults. 

It’s not solely a matter of practice, but also of paradigms…

It’s not a matter of magic bullets, but a matter of MINDSET…

We’ve got to take students  To and Through The BAR…

  • INSPIRE tools necessary to bridge the gap between the team you have and the team you want
  • EMPOWER from meeting out of compliance, to meeting out of deep commitment to student learning
  • TRANSFORM your school/district into a powerful collaborative culture

WARNING- While my style is engaging, full of humor, inspiration and motivation…you should be aware that I’m a paradigm shifter, a cage rattler, an unapologetic identifier of elephants in the room, and my feedback is unvarnished as it relates to what’s best for kids…by the same token, I don’t work with you to simply ‘admire problems.’ I will provide a path and process for solutions. I don’t present on anything I haven’t screwed up 1000 times in my own career as a classroom teacher and school leader. So, if you’re ready to move from ‘pockets of excellence’ to ‘schoolwide excellence,’ then we can work together…so, don’t settle any longer for status quo… let’s talk and discuss how we can work together to take students to and through The BAR, and fulfill this promise of high levels of learning for all…