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Are you struggling to move equity from theory to practice? From rhetoric to results? Wherever you are on the journey, I can help you close that gap and take every student 'to and through the bar.'

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In this powerful, unvarnished, status-quo-disrupting examination of the internal obstacles to providing genuine equal opportunities for every student, bestselling author Ken Williams shows readers how to identify and defeat the enemy of equity by unlocking these barriers through mindset and practice.

RUTHLESS EQUITY is a provocative, empowering coach and guide guaranteed to galvanize every educator who dreams of being an impactful equity warrior able to deliver on the promise of ensuring learning, excellence and achievement for ALL students, regardless of background.

Is the culture you HAVE, the culture you WANT?

If you want to move your school from learning for some to learning for all, "start with the crown, not with the kid." The answers are in the room, so leveraging the talents of your staff is the key. You need a customized plan to ensure equity, excellence and achievement for ALL students, regardless of background. 

Create Belonging. Embed Equity. Expect Excellence.

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The "Bless His Heart" Leadership podcast explores the good, the bad, and the sometimes ugly account of my journey as the leader of "THAT" school. Weekly episodes shaped by the real, raw, unvarnished, and uncensored daily journal I kept while I served as a school principal.

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