going from #thatschool to the(e) school

unfold the soul - inspire

INSPIRE the tools necessary to bridge the gap between the team you have and the team you want.

unfold the soul - empower

EMPOWER from meeting out of compliance to meeting out of deep commitment to student learning.

unfold the soul - transform

TRANSFORM your school/district into a powerful collaborative


unfold the soul - posters

moving students to and through the bar

Every school in North America has posters mounted on walls that communicate noble aspirations like: 

  • Every Child, Every Day!
  • ALL means ALL!
  • These aren’t MY kids, they’re OUR kids!
  • If THEY fail, then WE fail!
  • We do whatever it takes!
  • We believe in you!

Every educator enters the profession believing they can change the world. The noble aspirations above are characteristics of a ‘high levels of learning for ALL’ culture.

Yet, I encounter school after school, district after district, working hard and not getting their desired results. I find good dedicated educators, but the students’ learning results do not reflect the energy and effort of the adults. It’s not solely a matter of practice, but also of paradigmsIt’s not a matter of magic bullets, but a matter of MINDSET

We’ve got to take students To and Through The BAR.

create a culture of learning for all

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unfold the soul - Status Quo

disrupt the status quo

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unfold the soul - Mission

from mission-statement

to mission-driven

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unfold the soul - Why

start with the why

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hear what others are saying...

Kenneth Williams is a phenomenal speaker and author. He has the ability to move educators and educational leaders from passive participants to passionate and action oriented change-agents! If you’re interested in defining your purpose and developing your learning community, you MUST read his book. You will not be disappointed.


Dr. Rosa Perez-Isiah

Director of Equity and Access Norwalk-LaMirada USD

Ken’s energetic, humorous, and interactive presentations will validate those educators who do whatever it takes and challenge the thinking of those with more of a traditional mindset. Either way, Ken will leave educators; regardless of title, thinking about their role as merchants of hope for all students!    


Cory Radisch

Principal and Presenter, Monmouth Regional High School

Mr. Williams has also spent numerous hours on the phone to help coach our district staff.  I would recommend to anyone who is looking for topnotch hands-on professional development to make sure they invite Mr. Williams to your district.


Justin M. Jennings

Chief Executive Officer Youngstown City Schools

Easily one of the most powerful and enticing scholars from whom I have learned. Ken Williams has a unique ability for incorporating knowledge, passion and humor thus provoking audience members to ‘think differently so as to do differently’ in schools. Absolutely remarkable!


Dr. Luis Cruz

Author, Speaker, Consultant Cruz and Associates

Ken Williams is the “Real Deal”. We needed real talk, real actions, real motivation and that is what he delivered. His outgoing & humorous personality & personal connection, got us fired up for the work - being committed to learning for ALL students. Thank you, Ken, for inspiring us to change the trajectory of our school!


Anisa Baker-Busby, Ed.D

Principal, Lindsey Elementary School -

2020 PLC Model School

Ken has an unfailing belief in the potential of all staff members to meet the needs of students.  He isn’t afraid to upset apple carts and faces the real issues head-on.

Bethany Brown

Principal, Math Science Technology Preparatory School

Ken is one of the most inspiring educational speakers I have heard in my career. His passion and commitment to raising the bar for educators and students is prevalent in his sessions.


Jessica M. Cabeen

Principal, Author, Speaker - Ellis Middle School

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