“Every educator needs someone who sees more in them than they see in themselves. This is where Ruthless Equity is born, and there is a ruthlessness to excellence.”

— Ken Williams


  • work with super-charged confidence because you have clarity about how to ensure equity for EVERY student?
  • identify the difference between cosmetic gestures of equity and high-leverage equitable practices that are practical and impactful?
  • leverage equitable practices that will make student achievement both measurable and predictable?
  • lean into the collective genius of your colleagues because you understand that the answers are in the room?

Can you imagine never again wondering if you make a difference, because you now understand you are the difference?



Available March 2022

In this powerful, unvarnished, status-quo-disrupting examination of the internal obstacles to providing genuine equal opportunities for every student, bestselling author Ken Williams shows readers how to identify and defeat the enemy of equity by unlocking these barriers through mindset and practice.

RUTHLESS EQUITY is a provocative, empowering coach and guide guaranteed to galvanize every educator who dreams of being an impactful equity warrior able to deliver on the promise of ensuring learning, excellence and achievement for ALL students, regardless of background.

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Here's what others are saying about Ruthless Equity


Readers who know that our children and schools deserve real equity will find wisdom on every page.

In this important book, Ken Williams challenges us to compare rhetoric with reality. We cannot claim to embrace the values of social justice and anti-racism while clinging to curriculum, assessment, teaching and leadership practices that perpetuate inequities. With courage and clarity, Williams offers a path out of the dangers of radioactive rhetoric. Readers who know that our children and schools deserve real equity will find wisdom on every page.


An excellent tool for every educator!

Learning about inequity, systemic racism, and culturally responsive teaching is important work, but knowledge is power only when applied. Ken Williams captures the necessary work that follows the learning. An excellent tool for every educator!


A courageous effort to raise awareness of what classroom equity is and what it is not.

Ken Williams couldn’t have given this book a better title! A courageous effort to raise awareness of what classroom equity is and what it is not. Williams pulls the gloves off on this one and pulls no punches in breaking down what he’s coined, Ruthless Equity.


Ruthless Equity is amazing and insightful.

Ruthless Equity is amazing and insightful. The examples, real-life experiences, and activities Williams provides create the perfect starting point for you to be the best educator you can by doing what we are meant to do. An absolute joy for any educator to read.

Ken williams

Author // Ruthless Equity

About The Author

With nearly three decades of successful educational leadership, Ken Williams has led successful equity and school improvement efforts in multiple schools as a leader, and in hundreds of schools as an author, speaker, coach, and consultant.

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Here's more of what others had to say about RUTHLESS EQUITY

JOHN D. EWALD, ED.D.Former Superintendent, Principal, Teacher

Ruthless Equity is a must read.

During these challenging times, educators are looking for resources, leaders are looking for guidance, and our students need us to be there for them, now more than ever. The wait is over! With powerful knowledge, impactful guidance, and purposeful next steps, Ken Williams once again delivers, for all of us — students, teachers, principals, superintendents, parents, and community members. Ruthless Equity is a must read.

Georgina RiveraK-8 School Administrator, NCSM 2nd Vice President

Ken Williams reminds us equity begins with examining both ourselves and
our school practices.
He takes his 30 years of experience and reminds us what
it truly takes to achieve equity and learning excellence in our classrooms. He
carefully lays out the necessary mindset and action steps to ensure learning for
each and every learner…that is Ruthless Equity.

Dr. Tom Many and Susan Sparks Authors and Educational Consultants, Ken
Williams Fan Club, Charter Members

Ken Williams engages the reader in an authentic opportunity to reflect on the
incredibly important topic of equity. In Ruthless Equity, Ken strips away the
confusion and chaos of our current conversation with compelling and concrete
actions that any educator can take in their district, at their school, and on their
teams. We recommend that every educator take the time to read this
thought-provoking book.

Naomi Austin EdS, Secondary Principal

I have always been committed to the success of all students, especially those
seen as the most challenged, disabled, dysfunctional, or undesirable. The kids
that are thought of as THOSE kids have always been MY kids. And yet you still
challenge me to examine the unnoticed bias in my practices and produce
evidence of my beliefs. Because of your guidance, I have the tools to foster a
ruthless commitment in myself and my staff.
Because of your unapologetic
approach, all kids win.

Luis F Cruz, PhD Education Consultant and Best-selling Author

Written with passion, integrity and the same sense of urgency he calls for
throughout the pages of this book
, Ken eloquently reminds educators that
while ‘philosophizing’ about the origins of oppression is an important
conversation, the actions we as educators must embrace to forcefully confront
the devastating effect of inequities in our schools and classrooms is paramount.
If you are interested in discovering how educators must ensure high levels of
learning for all students regardless of zip code, color of skin or immigration
status, Ruthless Equity will not disappoint.


Author Ken Williams raises critical questions that have long concerned
those of us in the field of education: social injustice and equality issues.

Let's get uncomfortable and discuss the systematic inequitable practices on a
local level: the district, the school and the classroom.

Keri Hughes Classroom Teacher

Students who have academic and life struggles carry around an imaginary
bag of educational failures.
If I choose to focus on helping them unpack that
bag and gain those skills rather than continuing to add more to that bag, I will
have the opportunity to witness a celebration of victory. Thank you, Grumpy
Uncle Ken.

Dr. William C. Greene, Jr.

Ken Williams' work has always been relevant and timely, but this impactful
critical analysis comes at a pivotal time in our nation’ history.
Introducing his
readers to a new lexicon in a way only he can, proves to be both powerful and
purposeful. Our children deserve better, and this book reaches out to every person that
has sought to change the world by asking the reader to start at the ‘granular level’
before going global.