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Ruthless Equity/Starting A Movement Book Bundle


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Get the best of both worlds with this AMAZING book bundle! Included are Ken Williams’s two BEST SELLING books for $55.

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Ruthless Equity: Disrupt the Status Quo and Ensure Learning for ALL Students
By Ken Williams

RUTHLESS EQUITY is a provocative, empowering coach and guide guaranteed to galvanize every educator who dreams of being an impactful equity warrior able to deliver on the promise of ensuring learning, excellence and achievement for ALL students, regardless of background.

Publication date: May 5 2022
Format: Paperback


Starting a Movement: Building Culture From the Inside Out in Professional Learning Communities (PLC)
By Kenneth C. Williams and Tom Hierck

Explore a four-stage authentic alignment model, which will take you through the Why, Eye, How, and Now of transforming your school’s culture.

Publication date: August 11, 2015
Format: Paperback