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Starting a Movement: Building Culture From the Inside Out in Professional Learning Communities 

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Infuse energy back into the practices of your PLC. Explore the authors’ four-stage authentic alignment model, which will take you through the Why, Eye, How, and Now of transforming your school’s culture. Through this inspiring guide, you’ll discover how to bridge the gulf between principles and practice to cultivate an empowering environment that is committed to a cycle of continuous improvement.


  • Use the authentic alignment model to align your schools’ guiding principles and staff actions.
  • Learn to express, clarify, and align beliefs so they are meaningful to teachers, staff, and other stakeholders.
  • Create maximum buy-in among all members of the school community.
  • Update practices to 21st century expectations to ensure learning for all students.
  • Support PLC implementation in your school. 

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Essentials For Principals: Creating Physical and Emotional Security In Schools

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  • Learn how to integrate conflict management strategies into the school building.
  • Find out how to introduce school-wide standards for student and staff problem-solving and conflict resolution.
  • Develop an effective whole-school policy for behavior and discipline that focuses on teaching behavioral expectations.
  • Discover how reinforcement and positive rewards can improve student behavior and achievement
    Identify ways to address and prevent bullying, including cyber bullying.
  • Explore crisis planning and prevention tips.

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Leadership’s Ten Commandments DVD

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In this breakout session (from the July 10, 2009, Professional Learning Communities at Work™Institute in Denver, Colorado), Kenneth C. Williams presents 10 powerful rules for leading and sustaining change in a professional learning community (PLC). Ken employs research, encourages audience participation, and reflects on his own experience to provide specific techniques to move educators toward PLC implementation. He digs deep into the commandments, discussing their principles and explaining why sometimes even believers stray from them. What results is a set of guidelines for leading with integrity and creating a cohesive, collaborative staff dedicated to student learning. He addresses the following topics:

* How to engage all of a school community’s stakeholders in finding clarity on goals and norms
* Why shared vision among staff and faculty is so important for PLC implementation and school improvement
* How to deal with conflict in productive ways that leave all participants feeling respected and able to move forward
* What to do in seemingly impossible situations like when an individual’s behavior threatens staff harmony, the PLC project, or the school’s core goals

Ken’s humor and insight make him an engaging guide on the path to truly effective PLC leadership.

This package includes a 61-minute DVD with the video session and a CD with materials to support team or individual professional learning, including the presenter’s PowerPoint, an excerpt from the book The Collaborative Administrator, and relevant web links.

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